Proctor Training

California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requires formal proctor training for the POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery, the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, and the PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course Examinations.  The proctor training is designed to ensure that the individuals administering the examinations are trained in the proper security and administration procedures for the respective examinations.

Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery Proctor Training

Individuals who are lead proctors for the POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery are required to attend a POST-approved proctor training session.  Training sessions generally range from 3 to 3 ½ hours and consist of an introduction to the Examinee Guide, User’s Manual, Test Battery, and required security protocols.  The session will also include a review of required facilities, equipment, and staffing patterns; test administration preparation and procedures; discussion of potential problems and solutions, as well as procedures to follow after the test is administered including required methods for returning the test material.  Training is provided by Cooperative Personnel Services through an agreement with POST.  To schedule a proctor training session, agencies will need to contact Cooperative Personnel Services directly at (916) 471-3516.

Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery Proctor Training

Individuals who will be proctoring and/or ordering the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) are required to complete two online proctor training courses: the Jumpstart Course and the PELLETB Course.  The Jumpstart Course covers general test security information pertinent to all of POST’s secure tests.  The PELLETB Course covers procedures specific to ordering, storage, administration, mailing, and scoring of the PELLETB.  POST will only fill test orders and provide scoring services for those agencies that are in compliance with this requirement. Information about the online proctor training courses can be sent via email to

Basic Courses Proctor Training

Individuals who proctor any POST-constructed written test, PC 832 Arrest and Control exercise test, and/or PC 832 Firearms exercise test are required to complete the POST online proctor training courses. Exercise test proctors must also be POST-certified instructors in their respective areas prior to receiving the proctor training.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals trained by any method other than online are no longer certified. Online training courses must be completed prior to proctoring a test.

The proctor training courses are now available through the POST Learning Portal and request for access must be submitted via email to Jennifer Hardesty.