Training Program Services

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Bureau Overview

The Training Program Services Bureau (TPS) develops law enforcement curricula to meet California legislative mandates or other critical law enforcement training needs. The bureau also investigates the application of technology to law enforcement training, develops courses that incorporate various forms of training technology, and provides resources that assist instructors in incorporating technology into training.

TPS Programs and Services

TPS manages the Cultural Diversity Program, the Master Instructor Development Program, the Regional Skills Training Centers, the Robert Presley Institute for Criminal Investigation, the Instructor Quality Assessment Program, and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Program.  The POST Peace Officer Safety and Force Unit, a sub-unit of the TPS, publishes the California Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted in the Line of Duty Report (LEOKA) and provides contemporary resources and services for our law enforcement clients with an emphasis on keeping California peace officers safe and informed.

TPS is also responsible for the Reserve Peace Officer Program (RPOP). Reserve officers are members of our society who choose to dedicate a portion of their time to community service by working as part-time employees or volunteers with law enforcement agencies.