MCLD Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Mike Davies Senior Consultant (916) 227-4892
Timothy Davis Office Technician (916) 227-2800
Joe Gutierrez Senior Consultant (916) 227-2824
Greg Kyritsis Senior Consultant (916) 227-3898
Andrew Mendonsa Senior Consultant (916) 227-2510
Brad Newmyer Senior Consultant (916) 227-3893
Joe Sampson Senior Consultant (916) 227-3896
Don Shingara Bureau Chief (916) 227-4874
RC Smith Senior Consultant (916) 227-4864
Nani Vang Bureau Secretary (916) 227-2821

MCLD Functions

Contact MCLD at (916) 227- 2800

Topic Bureau Contact
Command College
- Application
- Brochure
- Certificate
- Graduation
- Independent Study Project
- Papers, Request for
- Questions
- Reimbursement for Students
Joe Gutierrez
Evidence and Property Function Management Course Don Shingara
Executive Development Course Mike Davies
Feasibility Studies, Peace Officer (PC 13540) Greg Kyritsis
Field Management Training (FMT) - Ref PAM D-9 Tim Davis
Law Enforcement Evidence and Property Agency Self Evaluation Guide Don Shingara 
Law Enforcement Evidence and Property Management Guide Don Shingara 
Law Enforcement Records Management Guide Don Shingara
Management Course Greg Kyritsis
Management Studies

- Organizational Reviews
- Patrol Workload Studies
- Property and Evidence Reviews
- Shift Schedules and Deployment
- Staffing Patterns Reviews
- Records Systems Reviews

Tim Davis
Newly Elected Sheriffs Seminar Greg Kyritsis
Records Management Course Don Shingara
Regional Police Executives Workshops / Executive Seminars Greg Kyritsis 
School-Based Public Safety Program (Career Pipeline Project) Greg Kyritsis
Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI)
- Application
- Certificate
- Graduation
- Questions
Joe Gutierrez / Nani Vang
Supervisory Course Don Shingara
Supervisory Course Facilitator Training Don Shingara
Team Building Workshop (TBW) Tim Davis