TDC Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Brenda Alli Program Technician (916) 227-4860
Frank Decker Bureau Chief (916) 227-4552
Lynda Dotson ProgramTechnician (916) 227-4865
Melanie Dunn Analyst (916) 227-4866
Jeff Dunn Senior Consultant (916) 227-4873
Alycia Edwards Program Technician (916) 227-4862
Christine Ford Senior Consultant (916) 227-0472
Don Lane Senior Consultant (916) 227-3918
Karen Lozito Acting BC- Senior Consultant (916) 227-0471
Gary Manini Senior Consultant (916) 227-4868
Martin Picone Senior Consultant (916) 227-4843
Susan Potter Bureau Secretary (916) 227-7748
Charles Sandoval Senior Consultant (916) 227-4414
Maria Sandoval Senior Consultant (916) 227-4871
Lauren Smalley Program Analyst (916)227-4870
Valerie Tanguay Senior Consultant (916) 227-4867
Valna Wilson Senior Consultant (916) 227-4872

TDC Functions

Contact TDC at (916) 227- 4863

Topic Bureau Contact
Agency Compliance Inspections Regional Consultant (View Map)
Agency Three-Year Rule Regional Consultant (View Map)
Background Investigation Course Regional Consultant (View Map)
Background Investigations (PC 830) Questions Regional Consultant (View Map)
Background Investigation Tabs Susan Potter
Basic Course: Coroners Gary Manini
Community-Oriented Policing (COP) Regional Consultant (View Map)
- Law Enforcement Agencies/Academies
- Peace Officers
Regional Consultant (View Map)
Continuing Professional Training (CPT) Regional Consultant (View Map)
Course Certification Guidelines and Procedures Regional Consultant (View Map)
Course Certification Process Melanie Dunn
Course Control Numbers Brenda Alli
Course Control Questions Brenda Alli
Course Curriculum Regional Consultant (View Map)
Course Outlines Brenda Alli
Course Rosters Brenda Alli
Drug Testing for Law Enforcement Regional Consultant (View Map)
EDI Course Information Brenda Alli
General Selection and Training Questions Regional Consultant (View Map)
High School Graduation - Outside of U.S. Regional Consultant (View Map)
Incident Command Systems (ICS) Regional Consultant (View Map)
New Agency Entry Into POST Program Gary Manini
Officer-Involved Shootings Regional Consultant (View Map)
PC 832 Instructor, Becoming a Regional Consultant (View Map)
Perishable Skills Program Questions Regional Consultant (View Map)
POST Background Tabs Susan Potter
POST Course Catalog of Certified Courses Melanie Dunn
Region 1 (View Map) Maria Sandoval
Region 2 (View Map) Vacant
Region 3 (View Map) Karen Lozito
Region 4 (View Map) Jeff Dunn
Region 5 (View Map) Don Lane
Region 6 (View Map) Vacant
Region 7 (View Map) Gary Manini
Region 8 (View Map) Valerie Tanguay
Region 9 (View Map) Charles Sandoval
Region 10 (View Map) Valna Wilson
Reserve Peace Officer Program (RPOP) Jeff Dunn
Role of Chief Course Karen Lozito
Student Safety Regional Consultant (View Map)
Tactical Weapons Training and Operations Regional Consultant (View Map)
Training Administrator Course (TAC) Charles Sandoval / Alycia Edwards
Tribal Police Liaison Valna Wilson