SER Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Fatima Dobbs Research Analyst (916) 227-4826
Marilyn Earhart POST Librarian (916) 227-4837
JoAnn Fujikawa Library Analyst (916) 227-4852
Bob Holmgren Standards and Evaluation Manager (916) 227-4830
Diane Hrepich Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4831
Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty Basic Course Test Security Coordinator (916) 227-3917
Windy Kaiser Basic Course Test Analyst (916) 227-4537
Ken Krueger Retired Annuitant (916) 227-3255
Kate Singer Bureau Chief (916) 227-4832
Melani Singley Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4258
Kenya Smith TMAS Support Representative (916) 227-4957
Shelley Spilberg Standards and Evaluation Manager (916) 227-4824
Irene Wong-Chi Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4835

SER Functions

Topic Bureau Contact
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Shelley Spilberg
Background Investigations Manual Shelley Spilberg 
Melani Singley
Citizenship Issues Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Cognitive/Written Tests, Basic Courses Diane Hrepich
Command College Abstracts (copies only) Marilyn Earhart
JoAnn Fujikawa
Copyright (Publications) Marilyn Earhart
Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery Fatima Dobbs
Bob Holmgren
Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) Fatima Dobbs
Bob Holmgren
Hearing and Vision Screening Guidelines Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Hiring Interview Guidelines Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Job Analysis (Peace Officer) Irene Wong-Chi
Library Marilyn Earhart
JoAnn Fujikawa
Medical Screening Manual for CA Law Enforcement Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Mid-term and Final Exams, Basic Courses Diane Hrepich
Oral Interview Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Oral Interview Question Bank Melani Singley
PC 832, Arrest and Firearms Proctor Training Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Peace Officer Basic Academy Physical Training Chau Chan
Peace Officer Selection Standards Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Personal History Statement
(Questions related to Background Investigations)
Melani Singley
Physical Ability Testing Chau Chan
Physical Conditioning Manual, Basic Academy Chau Chan
Physical Training: Instructors Course, Basic Academy Chau Chan
Physical Training: Voluntary In-Service Chau Chan
Pre-Academy Physical Fitness Standards Project Chau Chan
Pre-Offer Personality Testing Shelley Spilberg
Proctor Training, On-line (Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery)
Psychological Evaluators: List, Training Requirements (CPE) Melani Singley
Psychological Screening Shelley Spilberg
Public Safety Dispatcher Selection Standards Shelley Spilberg
Melani Singley
Regular Basic Course (RBC) Testing Diane Hrepich 
Windy Kaiser
Regular Basic Course - Modular Format Testing Diane Hrepich 
Windy Kaiser
Report Writing Chau Chan
Scenarios: Testing Information Questions Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Security Agreements (Regular Basic Course, Modular, PC832) Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Skills Testing (Arrest and Control, EVOC, Firearms) Chau Chan
Specialized Investigations Basic Course (SIBC) Testing Diane Hrepich
Test Item Bank, Basic Course Diane Hrepich
Test Ordering, Results, Security Agreements, and General Questions: Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) and Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery
Testing Management and Assessment System (TMAS) Kenya Smith