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Regulation 1060. Requirements for Verifying Successful Completion of a Non-POST-Certified Course

An individual who has successfully completed a non POST-certified course specified in PAM Section D-2-3 may receive credit for the maximum hours of the course.  Successful completion is defined as the award of a “Certificate of Completion” or a “Letter of Completion” issued by the training entity.  The total number of hours credited for a course attendance will be applied toward the Continuing Professional Training requirement.

To receive credit for non POST- certified course, the individual must submit to POST:

(a) A copy of the Certificate of Course Completion (8½ x 11 inches), or

(b) A letter signed by the chief executive officer attesting to the successful completion of the course, and

(c) A completed Non POST-Certified Training Notification, POST 2-213 (Rev 12/2012).

A non POST-certified course is not eligible for reimbursement.