Commission on POST

Peace Officer Psychological Evaluators

Experience and Education Requirements:

A psychologist who conducts peace officer screening evaluations must meet Government Code Section 1031(f)(2) requirements, which consist of being licensed by the California Board of Psychology and experience that is "at least the equivalent of five full-time years ... in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental disorders, including the equivalent of three full-time years accrued postdoctorateThe ... psychologist shall also have met any applicable education and training procedures set forth by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) designed for the conduct of preemployment psychological screening of peace officers.​"

POST requirements for psychological evaluators are outlined in Commission Regulation 1955. These requirements include an initial continuing professional education (CPE) training requirement of 6 hours followed by 12 hours of CPE every two years coinciding with the evaluator's license renewal cycle. CPE hours are prorated at .5 hours/month based on the license renewal date. 


NOTE: POST does not "approve" or "certify" psychological evaluators; however, the last column in the list (below) indicates if the evaluator has met the POST CPE requirements. 


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First NameLast NameCountyPhoneEmailLicense Renewal DateTotal CPE HoursMeets CPE Req’ts? 
Michael Anderson San Diego619-871-1094 12/31/20190 (26 hours) False
Shahram Ardalan Sacramento and Bay Area844-CORDICO 9/30/201975 yes False
Jonathan Arditti Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas9493851767 11/30/201850 yes False
Julie Armstrong Los Angeles, Santa Clara ofc. available310-273-9190 8/31/20186 (12 hours) False
Corie Ascani Santa Clara408-342-0612 PRIVATE 8/31/201817 yes False
Baljit Atwal Placer9162239557 PRIVATE 2/28/20180 (6 hours) False
Morgan Bailey Butte 8/31/20188 (10 hours) False
Lawrence Ball, PsyD, ABPP Los Angeles310-855-3990 PRIVATE 7/31/201865 yes False
Debra Beckel Sacramento916-255-1022 PRIVATE 8/31/201840 yes False
Deborah Berberich Orange714-944-9288 5/31/20198 (14.5 hours) False
Gene Berg Riverside951-205-4049 9/30/201952 yes False
Timothy Beyer Los Angeles310-275-5075 PRIVATE 5/31/201820 yes False
David Black Sacramento and Bay Area844-CORDICO 4/30/201984.5 yes False
Richard Blak Fresno559-431-8893 PRIVATE 3/31/201948 yes False
Lawrence Blum Los Angeles  PRIVATE 11/30/201825 yes False
Daniel Blumberg San Diego858-449-1953 3/31/201929.5 yes False
Louis Blumberg Imperial442-265-1528 PRIVATE 8/31/201815 (3 hours) False
Stephen Brewer San Diego619-377-3120 2/28/201832 yes False
Michael Bricker Santa Clara312-878-8585 PRIVATE 7/31/201854.25 yes False
Ronald Browne San Luis Obispo 2/28/20196 (15 hours) True
Paula Bruce Los Angeles310-271-2275 2/28/201912 (12 hours) False
Daniel Bruzzone, PsyD, QME L. A., Monterey, and all of California310-855-3990 11/30/201829 yes False
Tricia Busby, Ph.D. Fresno5592033148 PRIVATE 8/31/20198 (5.5 hours) False
Gregory Butler Fresno559-930-6802 6/30/201862.5 yes False
Joy Carter-Chastain Los Angeles310-785-7176 PRIVATE 10/31/20180 (8.5 hours) False
Carol Chambers Sacramento916-482-6463 PRIVATE 11/30/201814 yes False
John Chellsen San Joaquin209-955-5773 11/30/201834 yes False
Gregory Cherney Fresno559-449-2732 PRIVATE 9/30/201851.5 yes False
Alexandra Clarfield Placer, Nevada, Sonoma707-331-5389 12/31/201857 yes False
Dr. Mark Clementi Sonoma 10/31/201928 (12 hours) False
Shelley Coate Sacramento, Placer, Sutter, All Bay Area Cities916-758-8448 8/31/201926.5 yes False
Jason Cohen San Luis Obispo805-460-8949 PRIVATE 10/31/201812 yes False
David Cordosi Sacramento  PRIVATE 1/31/202080.5 yes False
David Corey, Ph.D., ABPP Clackamas, OR503-620-8050 11/30/2019268 yes False
Claudia Corgiat Fresno559-355-2799 3/31/20190 (11.5 hours) False
Susana Cornejo Sacramento  PRIVATE 7/31/201934 yes False
Sabina Correa Napa707-266-6652 3/8/20182 (4 hours) False
Susan Courtney San Bernardino909-946-4222 PRIVATE 6/30/201935.5 yes False
Michael Craw Los Angeles  PRIVATE 5/31/20198 (4 hours) False
Angela Crisanto Tulare 559-429-2420 12/31/201812 yes False
Pietro D'Ingillo Los Angeles626-720-3721 7/31/201947 yes False
Patricia DaCosta-Bagot Los Angeles  PRIVATE 1/31/201924 yes False
David Dahl Santa Clara408-793-0313 10/31/20180 (19 hours) False
Jo Danti Sacramento  PRIVATE 12/31/2018133 yes False
Sandra Deal San Luis Obispo805-542-9681 3/31/20190 (21.5 hours) True
Sara Deleon Riverside 6/30/201838.5 yes False
Catherine Delsol Los Angeles213-473-6957 4/30/201856.5 yes False
Ann Marie Donnelly San Luis Obispo 1/31/20202.75 (27.75 hours) False
Edrick Dorian, Psy.D., ABPP Los Angeles  PRIVATE 11/30/201926 yes False
Edward Duncan San Mateo and Bay Area844-CORDICO 9/30/201948 yes False
Dr. Ryan Dunnigan, PsyD Marin County, San Francisco, and Bay Area 7/31/201935 yes False
Jessica Durr Riverside  PRIVATE 8/31/20190 (24 hours) False
Myrna V. Echols Sacramento9165140166 PRIVATE 7/31/20198 (5 hours) False
Kristen Eddy Los Angeles6264971143 5/18/20190 (6 hours) False
Nathan Edmundson Solano County 8/9/20190 (6 hours) False
Mesha Ellis Los Angeles855-878-5325 5/31/201915.5 yes False
Tristin Engels Los Angeles661-729-2000 8/15/20190 (6 hours) False
Diana Everstine Santa Clara County408-342-0612 3/31/20180 (6 hours) False
Troy Ewing Sacramento916-482-6463 10/31/201887.5 yes False
Joseph Fabricatore Los Angeles310-826-3256 PRIVATE 2/28/201816 yes False
Azadeh Famili Los Angeles626-253-3149 9/30/201851 yes False
William Feister San Francisco415-205-3412 7/31/201871.5 yes False
Carol Fetterman Marin  PRIVATE 1/31/201928.5 yes False
William Foreman Napa707-812-4343 PRIVATE 6/30/20190 (10 hours) False
Rachel Foster Sacramento  PRIVATE 9/22/20180 (6 hours) False
John Foster Sacramento and Bay Area844-CORDICO 8/31/201889.5 yes False
L. Scott Frazier Los Angeles323-258-8041 11/30/20186 yes False
Gina Gallivan Los Angeles310-951-1282 5/31/2019103.25 yes False
Ana Gamez Riverside562-715-1246 PRIVATE 7/31/20190 (7 hours) False
Steven Garman Los Angeles909-248-4331 7/31/201924 yes False
Carrie Getz Sacramento  PRIVATE 6/30/201914.5 (12 hours) False
Paul Good San Francisco415-346-0607 PRIVATE 4/30/201923 yes False
Cathy Goodman Los Angeles818-788-8005 PRIVATE 12/31/201946 yes False
Michael Gould Los Angeles818-419-1485 PRIVATE 7/31/201914.5 (12 hours) False
Robin Greene Los Angeles  PRIVATE 7/31/201843 yes False
Ira Grossman, Ph.D., ABPP San Diego858-560-0900 6/30/201838 yes False
George Joseph Grosso, Ph.D., ABMP Kern661-822-9011 12/31/20188 (12 hours) False
Eric Gruver Orange714-544-4434 7/31/201929.5 yes False
Saurabh Gupta San Diego855-629-7272 7/31/20180 (17.5 hours) False
David Hall Riverside8006607757 6/30/20188 yes False
Judy Hao Los Angeles213-486-0790 PRIVATE 6/30/20198 (10 hours) False
G. E. Josh Haskett Sacramento760-902-0335 PRIVATE 9/30/201860.5 yes False
Victoria Havassy Los Angeles310-444-1400 PRIVATE 7/31/201822 yes False
Robin Hemenway Yolo  PRIVATE 10/31/201952 yes False
Elliot Henderson San Francisco415 563-5566 PRIVATE 8/31/201838 yes False
Carol Hendrix Kern661-633-1350 PRIVATE 2/28/201844 yes False
Adam Herdina Los Angeles213-486-0790 10/31/20198 (6 hours) False
Angelle Hill-Seetal San Bernardino  PRIVATE 2/28/201814 (1 hour) False
Greg Hirokawa Orange, Los Angeles, Kern, Fresno888-615-4321 PRIVATE 8/31/201842 yes False
Scott Howard San Joaquin209-938-8209 10/31/20198 (2 hours) False
Sharon Howard Placer (Sacramento Region)916-251-6587 6/22/201844.5 yes False
Darlene Hoyt San Diego619 291 4520 9/30/2019134.5 yes False
Stacey Hoyt Imperial760-352-9090 PRIVATE 3/31/201944 yes False
Raymond Hsu Los Angeles323-393-3729 PRIVATE 1/31/20208 (7.5 hours) False
Linda Isaac Santa Clara County408-356-9696 4/30/20196 yes False
Kevin Jablonski Los Angeles213-252-3090 7/31/20190 (23.5 hours) False
Denise Jablonski-Kaye, PhD,ABPP Ventura County818-519-0123 5/31/201820 yes False
Dean Janoff Santa Barbara805-962-0508 7/31/20198 yes False
Ronn Johnson Curry541-661-0815 PRIVATE 9/30/20186 yes False
Joni Johnston San Diego8585833306 10/31/20190 (25 hours) False
Margaret Jones Alameda510-221-6233 10/31/201842 yes False
Anna Kafka Los Angeles562-533-3559 5/31/20186 (0.5 hours) False
Mark Kamena California4157173447 MARKKAMENA@COMCAST.NET 4/30/20190 (22 hours) False
Alan Karbelnig Los Angeles626-441-7778 7/31/201914 (9.5 hours) False
Norm Katz Ventura818-426-3787 PRIVATE 10/31/201958 yes False
Kent Kawagoe Fresno559-431-1900 PRIVATE 8/31/201930 yes False
Philip Keddy Alameda510-655-8824 7/31/201832 yes False
Karen Kelly Sacramento  PRIVATE 5/31/201860.5 yes False
Clive Kennedy Los Angeles213-615-7246 3/31/20190 (21.5 hours) False
Tamar Kenworthy Fresno559-253-2278 PRIVATE 9/30/20186.5 (11.5 hours) False
Elisabeth King Tulare559-697-3264 12/31/201820 yes False
Nels Klyver San Bernardino  PRIVATE 3/31/201820 yes False
Laura Kokinda Los Angeles4242185335 9/30/201920 yes False
Randall Kolin Contra Costa 925-287-9656 1/31/202028.5 (12 hours) False
Anne Kopp San Francisco415-681-7670 3/31/201846 yes False
Teresa Krall San Diego858-414-3599 11/30/201916 yes False
Gregory Kucera Sacramento  PRIVATE 7/31/201839 yes False
Larry Kuhn Orange949-275-8804 9/30/201834 yes False
Eric Kunkel Fresno559-907-6724 2/28/201830 yes False
Kaneeza Lafir Los Angeles562-773-3044 PRIVATE 4/30/20198 (14 hours) False
Justin LaPilusa San Diego619-400-9894 4/30/201830 yes False
Sarah Ray LaPilusa San Diego619-281-6414 12/31/201936 (12 hours) False
Jack Latow Yolo530-661-1666 3/31/201934 yes False
Rand Lenhart San Francisco 4/30/201841 yes False
Diane Levitan Los Angeles  PRIVATE 8/31/201932 yes False
John Lewis Santa Barbara805-965-3100 5/31/201828 yes True
Jane Lewis Los Angeles310-277-8810 4/30/20188 (8 hours) False
Alysia Liddell El Dorado916-235-8235 PRIVATE 5/31/201822 yes False
Kimel Limon Curry, OR541-254-0941 6/30/20198 (15 hours) False
Natalie Lindemann San Bernardino 909-330-0115 10/31/201842 yes False
Amy Loarie Sacramento  PRIVATE 2/28/20190 (21 hours) False
Gary Longwith Kern661-327-3405 12/31/201855 yes False
Kirsten Lowry San Luis Obispo County805-602-1062 3/31/20180 (6 hours) False
Lynn Lunceford San Diego619-663-4757 1/31/20198 yes False
Katherine Lyons Sacramento  PRIVATE 6/30/20180 (17 hours) False
Amanda MacKinnon Shasta907-687-8553 PRIVATE 2/28/20190 (10 hours) False
Priya Mahurkar Santa Clara County408-342-0612 PRIVATE 9/30/20188 (10 hours) False
Molly Malone Sacramento   PRIVATE 4/30/201820 yes False
Raymond Mars Los Angeles213486-0790 12/31/20198 (7.5 hours) False
Paul Martin Sacramento661-301-0970 PRIVATE 10/31/20196.5 (18.5 hours) False
Shira Max San Diego8082659834 1/5/20200 (12 hours) False
Thomas McCord Contra Costa510-286-7598 PRIVATE 8/31/201832 yes False
Joseph McCullaugh San Diego619-800-5632 1/31/202022 (12 hours) False
Stephanie McKenny Los Angeles2134860790 PRIVATE 8/31/20198 (5 hours) False
Elizabeth McKenzie Santa Clara County408-356-9696 PRIVATE 11/30/201816 yes False
Stacy McLain San Luis Obispo  PRIVATE 7/31/20190 (18.5 hours) False
Andrew Mendonsa Sacramento916-224-0212 2/28/201928.5 yes False
Tanya Mesirow Riverside951-775-4057 PRIVATE 4/30/20186 yes False
Patricia Meyer Riverside415-788-7421 PRIVATE 11/30/201814 yes False
Jonathan Meyer Los Angeles661-917-0957 PRIVATE 10/31/20190 (25 hours) False
John Meyer Sacramento916-448-4934 9/30/201960 yes False
Mona Mikael Los Angeles626-710-7838 PRIVATE 6/30/20188 yes False
Gary Miles Santa Clara408-342-0611 PRIVATE 6/30/201819 yes False
Shahin Mirkof Los Angeles 9/6/20188 yes False
Jamie Mishler Sacramento  PRIVATE 4/30/201814 yes False
Cary Mitchell Ventura 6/30/2018127.5 yes False
Nima Moayedi Orange9494122311 1/14/20208 (0.5 hours) False
Paul Moench Sacramento 11/30/20198 yes False
Dr. Edward Moles Stanislaus209-577-1667 2/28/201921 yes False
Yvette Monteiro Los Angeles213-486-0790 PRIVATE 4/30/20198 (3 hours) False
Robert Moody Stanislaus209-872-0331 5/31/20180 (6 hours) True
Robert Moody Stanislaus209-872-0331 5/31/201822 yes True
Alexia Morgan Fresno559 472-8375 2/28/20188 (7 hours) False
Eric Morgenthaler, Ph.D. California415-355-1818 PRIVATE 8/31/201914 yes False
Ilene Morrison PrivatePrivate PRIVATE 11/30/201914.5 (12 hours) False
Michael Moseley Fresno661-236-6109 PRIVATE 5/31/20198 (14.5 hours) False
Kathleen Munsell Fresno559 475-0210 7/31/201934 (12 hours) False
Lawrence Murphy San Francisco415-272-1901 PRIVATE 1/31/201934 yes False
Kitt Murrison Shasta530-224-9341 PRIVATE 11/30/2018123 yes False
Jay Nagdimon Los Angeles213-486-0790 9/30/20188 yes False
Natalia Nikolova Los Angeles213-473-6958 PRIVATE 7/31/201817 yes False
Brooke Norton Sacramento916-482-6463 PRIVATE 11/30/20188 yes False
Maria Nucci Alameda708-220-7582 PRIVATE 9/30/201829 yes False
Dana Nussbaum Marin  PRIVATE 3/31/201930 yes False
Robert Obrecht San Diego619-808-7330 PRIVATE 6/30/20180 (17 hours) False
Charles Odipo Sacramento9162177529 PRIVATE 10/31/20180 (6 hours) False
Ronald Offenstein Riverside951-275-8500 3/31/201938 yes False
Sven Ohah Santa Clara408-236-6664 6/30/201930 (12 hours) False
Jonathan Olford Fresno559-221-4988 7/31/20190 (23.5 hours) False
Jeff Oostyen California858-231-1926 PRIVATE 4/30/20180 (6 hours) False
Morenike Oshi-Ojuri, PsyD San Luis Obispo County and Contra Costa County 9254826554 11/30/20194 (6 hours) False
Hadas Pade Santa Clara(408) 356-96 PRIVATE 12/31/201816 yes False
Nancy Panza Orange657-278-5904 8/31/201925.25 yes False
Helen Park Los Angeles  PRIVATE 2/28/201840 yes False
Amy Parsons San Francisco415-884-9983 12/31/20180 (20 hours) False
Adrienne Pasek Orange949-201-5779 1/31/202014 (8.5 hours) False
Barbara Pavlo Los Angeles213 486-0790 12/31/20188 (1.5 hours) False
Heather Pearson Sacramento7607126497 4/30/201814 yes False
Ginette Perrin Riverside619-955-2059 5/31/201976 yes False
Michael Perrotti Orange7145280100 PRIVATE 7/31/20190 (18 hours) False
Veronique Peterson Sacramento  PRIVATE 3/31/201820 yes False
Dr. Banafsheh Pezeshk San Diego760-607-6463 PRIVATE 2/28/201921 yes False
Brian Pifferini Sacramento  PRIVATE 3/31/201974.5 yes False
Charles Pilavian Los Angeles818 669-2323 PRIVATE 5/31/201942 yes False
Kathleen Pollock Douglas310-717-7958 PRIVATE 8/31/20186 (12 hours) False
Mark Poloway San Diego760-612-5490 11/30/201831 yes False
Jana Price-Sharps Fresno559-908-4162 12/31/201927 (12 hours) False
William Prince Los Angeles323-804-3590 7/31/201814.5 (3 hours) False
Jean Pritchard Sacramento and Bay Area916 765-8075 PRIVATE 3/31/201994.5 yes False
Ian Pritchard Washoe775-200-0626 10/31/20188 yes False
Roxanna Rahban Los Angeles310-930-5033 4/30/20180 (16 hours) False
Thomas Reidy Monterey831-236-2250 3/31/201921 (12 hours) False
Kristina Reynoso Sacramento and Bay Area844-CORDICO 5/31/201867 yes False
Meredith Rimmer Los Angeles 12/31/201932.75 yes False
Michael Roberts Santa Clara408-356-9696 3/31/2019107 yes False
Angelika Robinson Riverside949-842-1216 5/31/201821.5 yes False
Jocelyn Roland Stanislaus209-521-8400 7/31/2018118.75 yes False
Marie Roman Los Angeles310-902-9421 6/30/201932.5 yes False
David Rose Fresno559-355-7245 2/28/201918 (4 hours) False
Bahar Safaei-Far Los Angeles818-963-1338 5/31/201854.5 yes False
Nameeta Sahni San Diego619-606-4643 3/31/201843 yes False
Susan Saxe-Clifford, PhD,ABPP Los Angeles818-788-8005 8/31/201875 yes False
Frank Scalercio, Jr. Sonoma707-595-1663 7/31/201918 (5.5 hours) False
Frances Schoening Del Norte855-386-1404 4/30/201822 yes False
Stephan Schuster Los Angeles818-469-4559 3/31/201822 yes False
Stuart Shaffer Los Angeles310-548-6868 5/31/201940.75 (4.25 hours) False
Thomas Shaw Orange 9/30/20186.5 (11.5 hours) False
Christine Sie Los Angeles  PRIVATE 2/28/20190 (6 hours) False
Delia Silva San Diego858-964-0722 5/31/20190 (22.5 hours) False
Randall Smith San Francisco415-563-3190 8/31/201848 yes False
Sandra H. Smith Alameda510-562-7146 1/31/202029 (12 hours) False
William Smith Los Angeles818 926-0661 10/31/201932 yes False
Julie Snyder Los Angeles  PRIVATE 6/30/20198 (3.5 hours) False
Ernest Solano Kern  PRIVATE 2/28/20186 (9 hours) False
Erene Soliman CA - California559-449-2734 PRIVATE 12/31/201847.5 yes False
Ryan Solomon Los Angeles949-510-0882 4/30/201921 yes False
William Soltz San Bernardino909 886 4554 7/31/201922 (12 hours) False
Sepideh Souris Los Angeles3109933620 1/31/201942 yes False
David Steinberger San Bernardino909-591-4264 PRIVATE 7/31/201863 yes False
Wendy Stephens-Grube Tuolumne310-989-8101 2/28/20190 (21 hours) True
Maria Stevens Fresno559-801-2078 PRIVATE 8/9/20190 (6 hours) False
Ona Stiles Sacramento  PRIVATE 2/28/201920 (12 hours) False
Gerard Sumprer San Diego  PRIVATE 4/30/201884.5 yes False
Evan Sundby El Dorado  PRIVATE 4/30/201922 yes False
Angela Swarthout Sacramento  PRIVATE 2/28/20180 (6 hours) False
Bahareh Talei Los Angeles8183070741 5/31/20188 (8.5 hours) False
Kimberly Tangen Los Angeles3235384779 5/31/201942.5 yes False
Lenore Tate Sacramento916-947-8070 4/30/20190 (22 hours) False
Craig Teofilo San Diego  PRIVATE 11/30/201818 (12 hours) True
Lauren Thomas San Diego 5/31/201914.5 (12 hours) False
Debra Tong Contra Costa415-407-6077 7/31/201935 (6 hours) False
Marenda Tran Los Angeles213-361-1124 PRIVATE 5/31/20188 yes False
Jeremy Trimble San Diego619-354-0082 11/30/20198 (17.5 hours) False
Philip Trompetter, Ph.D., ABPP Stanislaus209-622-3399 1/31/2020131.5 yes False
Cerise Vablais Washington4257754477 8/24/201846 yes False
Mary Valenti Kern661-304-4427 5/31/201940 yes False
Alexis Valos Kern661-395-1060 PRIVATE 10/31/20196 (19 hours) False
Timothy Verna San Bernadino 12/31/20190 (8.5 hours) False
Tim Verna San Bernardino714-745-6380 25422 Trabuco Rd. Ste 105-288 Lake Forest Ca. 92630 12/31/20190 (8.5 hours) False
Aimee Vickers Sanchez Fresno 559-708-8708 PRIVATE 10/31/20188 yes False
Nicole Vienna Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino6267093494 5/31/201821 yes False
Robert Walker Kern661-205-7922 4/30/201934 yes False
Stacey Waring California 7/31/201835 yes False
Nancy Webber San Luis Obispo805-542-0954 11/30/201827 (12 hours) False
Adam Weisman Los Angeles213-738-2218 PRIVATE 1/31/202042 (6 hours) False
Wendy Weiss Sacramento916 554-0848 PRIVATE 2/28/201954 yes False
Kathleen Wellbrock Los Angeles  PRIVATE 11/30/201948.5 yes False
Elizabeth White Riverside951-323-5067 3/31/2019106.75 yes False
Melissa Wiedmann Napa707-501-0621 7/31/201822 yes False
Larry Wilcox Sacramento  PRIVATE 7/31/201942.5 (12 hours) False
Jean Wilcox Sacramento916-255-6242 PRIVATE 7/31/201856.5 yes False
David Wildman Riverside  PRIVATE 7/31/201834 yes False
Michele Wilkens Los Angeles 323-375-8175 3/31/201822 yes False
Lori Williams Fresno5599771556 5/31/201922 (0.5 hours) False
Kara Winter Alameda510-552-4241 PRIVATE 3/31/20180 (15.5 hours) False
Bonnita Wirth CA2134736958 PRIVATE 2/28/201940 yes False
Gordon Wolf Napa707-226-5506 9/30/201834 yes False
Marilyn Wooley Shasta530-244-9977 PRIVATE 8/31/2019107.25 yes False
Tony Wu Los Angeles909-753-4986 12/31/20196 (0.5 hours) False
Randall Wyatt Alameda510-610-1097 PRIVATE 8/31/201820 yes False
Tracy Zemansky Los Angeles310-664-0454 7/31/201949 yes False