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POST Training Videos

California POST delivers high-quality, in-service and specialized training videos to law enforcement agencies in the California POST program. POST training videos are designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting specific training needs or legislative mandates for their agency.  Videos are divided into short, roll-call length sections and most are eligible for two hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit.  

POST agencies may use the links below to locate and order previously released DVDs and view companion Program Guides.

Video Ordering and Subscribing

Video Ordering and Subscribing

The complete collection of available POST videos are listed in the Video Catalog. Only training managers or supervisors employed by government law enforcement agencies are eligible to order POST videos. Videos are for law enforcement training use only.

  • Order Now California law enforcement agencies in the POST program
  • Order Now Non-California/Non-POST law enforcement agencies

Newly released DVDs are automatically mass-mailed to POST agency training managers/supervisors who have previously opted in or subscribed to the POST Training Video service. Contact POST with DVD-by-mail address label or quantity corrections.

Training Video Program Guides

Training Video Program Guides

POST training videos feature a companion Program Guide.  This single-page PDF document provides the presenter with a brief summary of the program and shows the DVD menu items and segment contents on the DVD. Notations about the release date, ID number, CPT credit, viewing options, and other important program information are also included.

View all Training Video Program Guides

CPT Credit for POST Training Videos

CPT Credit for POST Training Videos

Most POST training videos are eligible for two hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit. Contact the POST Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau at (916) 227-4863 or the Course Control Coordinator at (916) 227-4866 for more information about CPT credit, course rosters, and using the POST EDI system.

  • Always check the POST Course Catalog and/or EDI to ensure that the DVD video is still listed and certified for training use.
  • Presenters should document all POST training video completions via course rosters within the POST EDI system.
  • POST training video DVDs are copy-protected and cannot be duplicated; additional DVDs may be ordered via the Video Catalog.

Special Videos

Special Videos

Legal Update

Provides a comprehensive overview of new legislation and case law decisions that affect California law enforcement in the new year.  Leading subject matter experts present numerous new general laws, traffic laws, and case decisions that may have significant impact on how peace officers perform their jobs and enforce laws.  The program features a companion Reference Guide for printing or downloading.  Video segments are formatted for immediate download to PCs, mobile devices, and smartphones for on-demand viewing and reference in the field.  This program is available as streaming video exclusively on the POST Learning Portal.

Public Safety Realignment Act (AB 109)

This special video provides the history of realignment, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies, and highlights successful processes and programs.  The video was developed with statewide subject matter experts representing city and county law enforcement, parole, probation, legal services, and in collaboration with Governor Brown’s Administration.

Since enacted, AB 109 has provided opportunities for agencies to address processes regarding incarceration, release, and rehabilitation of the criminal population. Realignment provided counties with funds and support to develop effective release strategies and resources to decrease recidivism rates, thereby making our communities safer.

Victims of Violence Video

This special video is designed to teach victims how to work more effectively with law enforcement, and educate law enforcement personnel regarding the critical role victims might play in bringing a case to successful prosecution.

Victims of Violence includes insights from Superior Court judges, investigators, district attorneys, prosecutors, victim-witness personnel, and a public defender.  It also includes stories from crime victims with diverse backgrounds living in a variety of communities. Offered in English and Spanish languages, the Victims of Violence video shows a victim how to be part of the team in the fight for justice and helps prepare the victim on how to best assist law enforcement at various stages in solving the crime.

The website link(s) for this video program should be shared as early as possible with victims, ideally by the first follow-up investigating officer. It serves as a useful tool because the victim can control the time of viewing and share it with family members and friends who may have been impacted by the crime and may have information helpful to the case.

  • Special Message for Law Enforcement Investigators
  • Special Message for Victims
  • Companion Video Program Guide
  • View the video

Legal Notices and Copyright Information

Legal Notices and Copyright Information

POST Training Videos are a service of the State of California, Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

The opinions expressed in POST video programs reflect the views and interpretations of the individual subject matter experts featured, and information contained in POST programs may not apply to your agency or training institution. Check consistency with local laws and departmental policies and procedures before using POST videos for training or informational purposes. Neither the Commission on POST nor the contributing producers of POST programs assume responsibility for their use.

POST video program materials are intended for use by authorized law enforcement agencies only. Any recording, reproduction, or rebroadcast, in whole or in part, without the expressed written consent of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, is prohibited.

Commercial use of POST video programs is prohibited.

Please see Additional Terms and Conditions for use of POST materials.