Commission on POST

Non-Sworn Attendance at Specialty Training

Generally non-sworn attendance of POST courses must be approved 30 days in advance of the course, except for training directly related to the position (i.e., dispatcher attending dispatcher related training, records manager attending records management training, etc.).  Normally this approval can be obtained from the POST Area Manager.  For some courses, such as the Management Course or the Executive Development Course, approval must be sought from the POST Program Manager for that course.

Typically, the instructions to the agency will be as follows:

“What we will need from your agency is a letter on department letterhead, signed by the training manager, your immediate supervisor, or the agency head, requesting attendance and including the following information:

  • name and job title,
  • functions and responsibilities as related to your management role (brief),
  • course title, location, and dates of presentation.

Once POST receives the appropriate information, an approval letter will be sent to the agency authorizing attendance. Please attach a copy of the approval letter to the Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) form to alert our reimbursements section that payment is authorized. ”

For special courses, such as the Management Course or the Executive Development Course, one additional piece of information is required in the letter:

  • description of previous supervisory training (to attend the Management Course)
  • description of previous management training (to attend the EDC)

Non-sworn managers may attend a POST-approved Team Building Workshop event with prior approval received through each program’s application process. 

Please review following portions of the POST Administrative Manual to ensure compliance with POST regulations for non-sworn training.

Section B – Regulations - 1014 (a), (b), and (c)

Section E – Reimbursement – E-1-4 (a)