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  Last updated on Sat, 22 Jul 2017

Oakland man charged with attempt to support terrorist group
SFGate Bay Area News Stories, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
A 22-year-old Oakland man was charged Friday with attempting to support terrorism by allegedly opening social media accounts to promote the Islamic State last year and offering to join the organization. In one court filing unsealed Friday, a federal magistrate said prosecutors had alleged that Amer Sinan Alhaggagi “went so far as to meet with undercover agents on multiple occasions to plan a potential terrorist attack.” The federal grand jury indictment charged Alhaggagi with attempting to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization. Between July 24 and Nov. 29 of last year, the indictment said, Alhaggagi was "opening social media accounts understanding and intending that such accounts were to be used by, and for the benefit and promotion of, ISIS, and personnel, in the form of himself, to a foreign terrorist organization, namely ISIS." The indictment did not give details of the social media accounts or specify how, or to whom, Alhaggagi offered "personnel, in the form of himself" to the terrorist organization. [...] the newly disclosed court document quoted U.S. Magistrate Kandis Westmore as saying at a Dec. 20 hearing that the government had offered enough evidence to show Alhaggagi would be a “danger to the community,” might flee if released and should remain in custody. Defense lawyer Mary McNamara said Friday the terrorism charges appear to be based on “Internet chat conversations that he had with a number of unknown people” that Alhaggagi never took seriously.
Richmond mayor witnessed attack by youths outside BART station
SFGate Bay Area News Stories, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Butt said two BART employees sat in a nearby truck and watched the assault Thursday morning, apparently doing nothing, as the victim was beaten and kicked by a group of juveniles while a woman intervened. The mayor snapped a photo of the two men wearing neon utility vests sitting in a truck with the BART logo. BART police said five or six juveniles assaulted the man, kicking and punching him shortly before 11:30 a.m., but Butt estimated that the group numbered about a dozen. The youths escaped into the surrounding area, police said. BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said via email Friday that the spot where the attack happened was a plaza outside the station that is “in the jurisdiction of the Richmond Police Department.” [...] the mayor said he had called 911 and had been greeted by confusion as to whether the incident was under the jurisdiction of BART or Richmond police. To me, it’s crazy for a BART police officer to have to respond to something like this that’s right in the heart of downtown Richmond, he said. “We had a station agent in the station, who likely was involved in one of the many duties required of agents that occur outside the information box such as on platforms and near our ticket vending machines,” Trost said. The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery, according to Lt. Felix Tan, a spokesman for the Richmond Police Department.
Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns After Fatal Shooting of 911 Caller, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigned Friday in the wake of the fatal shooting of bride-to-be Justine Damond who had called 911 for help.
Ventriloquist doll stolen in SF street mugging
SFGate Bay Area News Stories, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
A pair of bandits beat and robbed a man of his ventriloquist doll and took off near the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco, police said Friday. The 20-year-old victim was on the 1200 block of Van Ness Avenue near Post Street about 10:50 p.m. on Thursday when two men assaulted him and stole the dummy, fleeing north on Van Ness Avenue, according to the San Francisco Police Department. The victim was injured in the beating and taken to the hospital for treatment.
Shelter-in-place order lifted in SF’s Haight after gas leak
SFGate Bay Area News Stories, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
“This all started around noon, a construction crew which is unrelated to PG&E was doing some work in the area when that crew hit a 2-inch plastic line,” said Andrea Menniti, a spokeswoman for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The streets around the leak were closed to foot and vehicle traffic during the leak, and people where the gas fumes were detected were asked to shelter in place, police advised at 12:13 p.m. Menniti said PG&E is investigating whether the crew called 811 — a free service that marks underground pipelines in advance of construction projects — before they started digging. Damage to underground pipelines is the number one risk facing PG&E’s gas system,” Menniti said, “so we are trying to educate the public about the importance of calling 811.
Fire at SF homeless encampment spreads to Muni warehouse
SFGate Bay Area News Stories, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
A homeless encampment in an industrial area south of Potrero Hill in San Francisco was set ablaze on Thursday night and the fire quickly spread to an adjacent Muni warehouse, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, officials said. The Muni warehouse and equipment inside sustained about $68,000 to $70,000 worth of damage, investigators estimated, according to Officer Robert Rueca, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department. On Wednesday morning, a fire at an encampment at Seventh and Berry streets in the Mission Bay neighborhood was quickly extinguished but sent a massive plume of smoke into the sky.
Fla. Teens Who Watched a Man Drown Won't Be Charged, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Cocoa Police Department in Florida cannot charge a group of teenagers who watched and filmed a man as he called for help and eventually drowned due to state law.
Police Use Technology To Catch Package-Stealing 'Porch Pirates', Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Some police departments are harnessing new technology to catch the "porch pirates" who brazenly steal packages right off victims' doorsteps.
Philando Castile Family Lawyer on Justine Damond Case, Fri, 21 Jul 2017
The family of an Australian woman shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer has hired an attorney who represented the family of Philando Castile.