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Executive Development Course

The Executive Development Course (EDC) is the last in a series of professional development programs offered by POST and is intended to enhance the leadership potential and capabilities of law enforcement executives. The EDC is an 80-hour course conducted in two separate one-week sessions.

Completion of the EDC is a requirement for a department head to receive their POST Executive Certificate [POST Regulation 1011 (a) (11)].

The EDC addresses a broad range of contemporary topics, issues and trends relevant to the law enforcement executive. These include:  

  • Perspectives on the executive leadership role in law enforcement
  • Emerging political, social, technological, and economic trends affecting law enforcement
  • Understanding and navigating local government
  • The integration of ethics and value-based principles into the core operating philosophy and culture of the organization
  • Principles of strategic and transition management when planning for and implementing change
  • Organizational interventions and critical incident care management
  • Risk management, internal auditing, systems analysis and performance measures
  • Internal/External accountability systems, misconduct prevention and early detection strategies
  • Crisis communications and media competency
  • Current legal issues regarding organizational liability, internal discipline, forms of discrimination, and personal liability

The EDC utilizes facilitative learning techniques to encourage individual participation and group interaction. To ensure a professionally enriching experience, every person attending the EDC is expected to actively contribute to the discussion. Participants should be prepared to share their professional experience and perspectives, as well as their organizational challenges and successes, for the benefit of all in attendance.

Application Instructions and Qualifications

WHO MAY ATTEND: The Executive Development Course (EDC) is designed for department heads and their executive staff but is open to all personnel at the rank of lieutenant or above who have successfully completed the POST Management Course (requirements for the EDC are set forth in PAM Section D-5).

WAIVER: The POST Executive Director may waive the Management Course prerequisite for a chief executive who has completed training comparable to a POST Management Course (refer to PAM Section D-15 for information on the waiver process).

ATTENDANCE: Preference is given to department heads (police chiefs and sheriffs), followed by executive (second-level) staff. Officers in middle management (typically third-level lieutenants and commanders) require department head authorization. Attendance for middle management applicants will not be confirmed until 6 weeks prior to class start date.

APPLYING: For department heads and executive staff, please complete all information requested and submit. Middle management requires department head authorization. If authorization is required, note the department head name and check the attestation box prior to submission. 

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