Course Details

Course TitleThe JR&A CPI Police and Public Safety Report as Part of the Test Battery for the CDCR
Date 6/16/2017
ProviderJohnson, Roberts, and Associates
Credit Hours6
Instructor(s)Mike Roberts, Ph.D., Ryan Roberts, J.D., M.A.
Method of InstructionLecture
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus No syllabus uploaded for this course.

Course Description

Strategies for Using the JR&A CPI Selection Report Together with the MMPI-2 RF to Formulate a Selection Recommendation

Course Objectives

<ul><li>Gain an understanding of the methods used to create the CPI scales and their relevance to the CA POST dimension</li><li>Be able to articulate the behaviors in common between the CPI scales and specific POST dimensions</li><li>Use appropriate interpretive strategies for test results from the job applicant population</li><li>Understand how the special features of then JRA CPI report were created</li><li>Understand the relationships between JRA CPI indices and job outcome</li><li>Identify interview questions suggested by extreme CPI scores and indices</li><li>Understand how JRA CPI results, RF results and MMPI-RF results can be used to increase predictive power</li><li>Be able to discuss scales from both tests that seem to measure similar constructs</li><li>Understand how to interpret combined test results using specific case studies</li></ul>