Course Details

Course TitleCDCR's Training on Psychological Screening Process (PSP) of Correctional Officer Applicants
Date 3/13/2015
ProviderEwing Psychological Center
LocationRancho Cucamonga
Credit Hours8
Instructor(s)Dr. Gerard Sumprer and Dr. Brian Pifferini
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyCPA
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Course Description

Training for CDCR pre-employment psychological screenings

Course Objectives

Discuss CDCR’s applicant selection process of Correctional Officer applicants. Demonstrate Basic understanding of Correctional Officer Job Analysis. Common job stressors reported by correctional officers. Explain Reason why CDCR utilizes POST Psychological Dimensions in PSP. State Federal, State & POST laws and regulations CDCR complies with in PSP. State Psychological questionnaires utilized by CDCR in PSP. Discuss how prior and current medical/psychological treatment records are reviewed& utilized. Explain how background summary report is utilized in PSP. Discuss How to follow the semi-structured interview process required by CDCR. Demonstrate how to write a basic psychological report for CDCR.Demonstrate how to write a clarifying psychological report for CDCR. Demonstrate and plan how to write an update psychological report for CDCR. Demonstrate how to write about applicant’s pattern of alcohol consumption. Demonstrate how to write about an applicant’s post-traumatic stress disorder. Explain hos the revised POST Psychological Screening Manual is incorporated in CDCR’s PSP.