Commission on POST

Peace Officer Candidate Information

The Peace Officer Candidate Information is designed to assist candidates in preparing for a career with a California POST-participating law enforcement agency. Provided below are links to the peace officer hiring process, minimum eligibility requirements, and general basic training information. For more specific agency information, candidates should contact the many POST-participating law enforcement agencies.

Peace Officer Selection Process– outlines and defines each area of the hiring process from application to the medical and psychological examinations

Peace Officer Selection Requirements (pdf) – this table outlines California and POST minimum eligibility requirements for becoming a peace officer

Local Agency Policy – contains information about local agency policies in relation to California GC and POST requirements

Basic Training – contains general information on the basic academy, including academy formats and descriptions of affiliated and non-affiliated students

Out of State Applicants - provides information for applicants who have completed an academy outside of California and have at least one year of general law enforcement experience