SER Personnel

First Name Last Name Job Description Phone Number Email Address
Tammura Brown Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-2810
Chau Chan Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4836
Marilyn Earhart POST Librarian (916) 227-4837
Laurel Espell POST Librarian (916) 227-3204
JoAnn Fujikawa Library Assistant (916) 227-4852
Bob Holmgren Standards and Evaluation Manager (916) 227-4830
Diane Hrepich Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4831
Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty TMAS Support Representative (916) 227-3917
Windy Kaiser TMAS Support Representative (916) 227-4537
Ken Krueger Retired Annuitant (916) 227-3255
Melani Singley Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4258
Kenya Smith TMAS Support Representative (916) 227-4957
Shelley Spilberg Retired Annuitant (916) 227-4824
Irene Wong-Chi Personnel Selection Consultant (916) 227-4835

SER Functions

Contact SER at (916) 227-4822

Topic Bureau Contact
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Shelley Spilberg
Background Investigations Manual Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Citizenship Issues Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Cognitive/Written Tests, Basic Courses Diane Hrepich
Command College Abstracts Laurel Espell
Copyright (Publications) Laurel Espell
Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery Tammura Brown
Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery Tammura Brown
Hearing and Vision Screening Guidelines Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Hiring Interview Guidelines Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Job Analysis (Peace Officer) Irene Wong-Chi
Library Laurel Espell
Medical Screening Manual for CA Law Enforcement Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Mid-term and Final Exams, Basic Courses Diane Hrepich
Oral Interview Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Oral Interview Question Bank Melani Singley
PC 832, Arrest & Firearms Proctor Training Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Peace Officer Basic Academy Physical Training Chau Chan
Peace Officer Selection Standards Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Personal History Statement
(Questions related to Background Investigations)
Melani Singley
Physical Ability Testing Chau Chan
Physical Conditioning Manual, Basic Academy Chau Chan
Physical Training: Instructors Course, Basic Academy Chau Chan
Physical Training: Voluntary In-Service Chau Chan
Pre-Academy Physical Fitness Standards Project Chau Chan
Pre-Offer Personality Testing Shelley Spilberg
Proctor Training, On-line (Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery)
Psychological Screening Shelley Spilberg
Public Safety Dispatcher Selection Standards Shelley Spilberg / Melani Singley
Regular Basic Course (RBC) Testing Diane Hrepich
Regular Basic Course - Modular Format Testing Diane Hrepich
Report Writing Chau Chan
Scenarios: Testing Information Questions Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Security Agreements (Regular Basic Course, Modular, PC832) Jennifer Imlay-Hardesty
Skills Testing (Arrest & Control, EVOC, Firearms) Chau Chan
Specialized Investigations Basic Course (SIBC) Testing Diane Hrepich
Test Item Bank, Basic Course Diane Hrepich
Test Ordering, Results, Security Agreements, and General Questions: Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery and Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery
Testing Management and Assessment System (TMAS) Kenya Smith