SAFE Driving Campaign

SAFE Driving Membership Rosters

The SAFE (Situation-Appropriate, Focused, and Educated) Driving Campaign is aimed at reducing fatal and serious injury law enforcement traffic collisions nationwide.  It has three membership components to assist POST in achieving this goal: an Advisory Board concerned with national awareness efforts, a Research Team tasked with the identification of officer-involved collision causes and interventions, and a Vehicle Operations and Training Advisory Council (VOTAC) focused on the advancement of best policy and training practices.  The Motor Officer Training and Operations Review for Safety (MOTORS) Advisory Group, a subcommittee to the VOTAC, concentrates on best policy and training practices as it specifically relates to law enforcement motors.

Advisory Board

Member (Alternate)


Richard J. Ashton – Chief (ret.)

International Association of Chiefs of Police

Carol Barake - Manager, Risk Control Services

Bickmore Risk Services

Barbara Brenner - Loss Prevention  Manager

City of Sacramento

Patrick A. Burke – Assistant Chief

DC Metropolitan Police Department

Richard P. Clark - Executive Director

Nevada Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training

David Clovis - General Manager

California Joint Powers Risk Management Authority

Kevin Davis - Assistant Chief

Prince George's County Police Department (Maryland)

Craig W. Floyd – Chairman & CEO

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

*Michael Geraci – Director

NHTSA Office of Traffic Safety

Gordon J. Graham, Esq. – Co-President

Graham Research Consultants & Lexipol, Inc.

Stan Hilkey – Sheriff

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (Colorado)

Colleen Mestas – Chief

Visalia Police Department

Charles E. Miller III – Coordinator

FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

Dale Stockton - Editor-in-Chief

Law Officer Magazine and

*Honorary Member



Research Team



Geoff Alpert, PhD

University of South Carolina
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Mary Dodge, PhD
Associate Professor & Director

University of Colorado Denver
School of Public Affairs
Criminal Justice Programs

Tom Rice, PhD
Research Epidemiologist

University of California, Berkeley
Traffic Safety Center & Department of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Transportation Studies

Bryan Vila, PhD
Professor & Director

Washington State University, Spokane
Operational Tasks Simulation Laboratory
Sleep & Performance Research Center

Kevin Wehr, PhD
Associate Professor

California State University, Sacramento
Department of Sociology

Jerry Williams, DPA
Associate Research Professor

University of Colorado Denver
School of Public Affairs


Vehicle Operations and Training Advisory Council (VOTAC)

  • Alameda Sheriff's Office, Regional Training Center
    Kerri Hansen, EVOC Coordinator
  • California Academy Directors Association 
    Richard Lindstrom, Director - State Center Reg. Training Center
    Greg Dossey, Director - Allan Hancock College Academy
  • California Association of Police Training Officers 
    Training Officer John Hustedde - Fresno Police Department
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles Research & Development Branch
    Robert Hagge, Research Manager
  • California Highway Patrol Academy
    Assistant Chief Brent Newman - Sergeant Robin Johnson
  • California Office of Traffic Safety
    Bill Ehart, Law Enforcement Liaison
    Ed Gebing, Law Enforcement Liaison
  • California Peace Officer's Association
    Lieutenant Brian Raffish - Los Angeles Police Department
    Sergeant Kevin Rausis - San Diego Police Department
  • California Police Chiefs Association
    Chief Mark Yokoyama - Alhambra Police Department
  • California State Sheriff's Association
    Sheriff Mark Pazin - Merced County Sheriff’s Office
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
    Larry Welch, Program Analyst – Simulations
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
    Lieutenant Tim Leveque
  • Michigan State Police Precision Driving Unit
    Lieutenant David “Doc” Halliday
  • Peace Officer's Research Association of California 
    Sergeant Rod Rifredi - Davis Police Department
  • Sacramento Police Department Academy
    Sergeant Keith Burgoon
  • San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Academy
    John Migaiolo
  • Tulsa (OK) Police Department
    Captain Travis Yates
  • Utah Department of Public Safety
    Sergeant Doug Larsen

MOTORS Advisory Group

(Motor Officer Training and Operations Review for Safety)

  • Nate Anderson, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Bill Ehart, California Office of Traffic Safety
  • Hugh Foster, Special Consultant
  • Ed Gebing, California Office of Traffic Safety
  • Robert Green, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Sergeant Shawn Maples, El Cerrito Police Department
  • Paul Muro, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Regional Training Center
  • Raleigh Patterson, Alameda County Sheriff's Regional Training Center
  • Sergeant Kevin Rausis, San Diego Police Department
  • Sergeant Rod Rifredi, Davis Police Department
  • Lieutenant Manny Romeral, Los Angeles Police Department
  • Inspector Pat Tobin, San Francisco Police Department
  • Sergeant Ted White, California Highway Patrol

Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Staff Members:

  • Bob Stresak, Executive Director
  • Anne Brewer, Bureau Chief – Learning Technology Services
  • Jan Bullard, Assistant Executive Director
  • Frank Decker, Bureau Chief – Training Delivery and Compliance
  • Stephanie Scofield, Assistant Executive Director
  • Steven Craig, Sr. Law Enforcement Consultant – Simulation Programs
  • Bob Ziglar, Bureau Chief - Training Program Services
  • Hugh Foster, Special Consultant
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