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POST Training Videos

Video Programs for California Law Enforcement Training

California POST delivers high-quality, in-service training videos to law enforcement agencies in the California POST program. Agencies may select from the Telecourse or Case Law Today series. Use the Video Catalog to search for and order POST videos.

Video Ordering & Subscribing

The complete collection of available POST videos are listed in the Video Catalog. Only training managers or supervisors employed by government law enforcement agencies are eligible to order POST videos. Videos are for law enforcement training use only.

  • Order Now California law enforcement agencies in the POST program
  • Order Now Non-California/Non-POST law enforcement agencies

Video Catalog

Law enforcement agency training managers or training supervisors may use the online Video Catalog to browse the entire POST video collection and place orders for DVD video programs.
  • Only California POST law enforcement agencies may register and place orders online. DVD videos are free of charge to agencies in the California POST Program.
  • Non-California POST law enforcement agencies may browse the collection but must submit the separate "Video Program/Subscription Order" form with payment.

Visit the Video Catalog.

Telecourse Series

The Telecourse series is designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting specific training needs or legislative mandates for their agency. Produced exclusively by California POST, instructional Telecourses may be used by agencies in the California POST program to satisfy Continuing Professional Training (CPT) requirements.

Telecourses are divided into short, roll-call length sections totaling two hours and are available on DVD format only. DVD copies of new Telecourse programs are automatically mailed to Certified Telecourse Presenters in the California POST program and to paid subscribers.

See Video Ordering and Subscribing to order copies of previous Telecourse videos.

Case Law Today Series

The Case Law Today Series features timely developments in case law that directly affect California peace officers. Six concise video segments offer insight and information direct from experts within the California Court of Appeals, Orange County Superior Court, and Alameda County District Attorney's Office. Topics include civil liability, detention, evidence, interrogation, and Miranda issues, search and seizure, search warrants, and vehicle stops.

Each monthly episode is a maximum one hour in length. Case Law Today episodes are now available online at the POST Learning Portal (DVD copies are available for episodes up through June 2012).

This series is not eligible for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit.

Victims of Violence Video

This special video is designed to teach victims how to work more effectively with law enforcement, and educate law enforcement personnel regarding the critical role victims might play in bringing a case to successful prosecution.

Victims of Violence includes insights from Superior Court judges, investigators, district attorneys, prosecutors, victim-witness personnel, and a public defender.  It also includes stories from crime victims with diverse backgrounds living in a variety of communities. Offered in English and Spanish languages, the Victims of Violence video shows a victim how to be part of the team in the fight for justice and helps prepare the victim on how to best assist law enforcement at various stages in solving the crime.

The video program should be distributed as early as possible to victims, ideally by the first follow-up investigating officer. It serves as a useful tool because the victim can control the time of viewing and share it with family members and friends who may have been impacted by the crime and may have information helpful to the case.  The video features English and Spanish language DVDs and is closed-captioned (CC).

  • Special Message for Law Enforcement Investigators
  • Special Message for Victims
  • Companion Video Program Guide
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  • Order the video

Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide Video

The Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide telecourse training video is designed to create widespread awareness of law enforcement suicide and encourages agencies to discuss the subject openly among all ranks. The program teaches that suicide prevention and awareness is the responsibility of everyone involved in law enforcement. Three key topics include:

  • Postvention - how an agency responds when an officer suicide occurs;
  • Prevention - understanding police culture, myths, and attitudes that may contribute to the occurrence of suicide within law enforcement; and taking preventative steps
  • Intervention - understanding the warning signs, triggers, and symptoms of a person in crisis so peers and supervisors can better intervene and support an officer that may need assistance.
  • The Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide video also highlights the importance of maintaining a balanced life and seeking help when it is needed. View the program online now.
  • To order a DVD copy of the program via mail, see Video Ordering and Subscribing.
  • Questions about the Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide video may be e-mailed to

Legal Notices & Copyright Information

The POST Telecourse and Case Law Today video series are services of the State of California, Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

The opinions expressed in POST programs reflect the views and interpretations of the individual subject matter experts featured, and information contained in POST programs may not apply to your agency or training institution. Check consistency with local laws and departmental policies and procedures before using POST videos for training or informational purposes. Neither the Commission on POST nor the contributing producers of POST programs assume responsibility for their use.

POST video program materials are intended for use by authorized law enforcement agencies only. Any recording, reproduction, or rebroadcast, in whole or in part, without the expressed written consent of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, is prohibited.

Commercial use of POST video programs is prohibited.